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Hello!! and thanks for visiting our website!

This is a new site, so look out for additional features next time.

We have recently undergone a makeover at our centre where the church meets; giving it a new, fresh and more up to date look that everyone is saying is great.

Whenever we have a spring clean or a complete makeover, it leaves us feeling better and more comfortable in our surroundings. In a similar way, I know that for some, the thought of having a new fresh inner life, a transformation of our emotions and a sense of a new start is very appealing.

God loves you and this is his heart beat; to heal and restore what is broken in our lives.

At the Hub Church, we love people and love to see new faces come along and experience the life transforming love of God. All of us, in life, are still like this web site; a work in progress! We would love to see you one Sunday soon.

God bless you!

Pastor Tony Hickman

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