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Pastor Tony Hickman
Senior Pastor and founder of the Hub

Pastor Tony received a strong call to the ministry and along with his wife Sue, started the Hub Church in their home with their three children and a friend. With a passion for worship and teaching the word, they soon began to gather people to their home every Thursday for the meetings that included a meal. The children fondly called it “the eating meeting”! From the beginning there was a strong vision to bring people to Christ and to reach out to the poor. Especially those that didn’t feel they belonged anywhere! The vision included finding a suitable building to grow the church in. After renting for a while the former Salvation Army Hall was purchased, renovated and extended into a very beautiful meeting place for the church and is now a thriving community of believers. We are now praying and believing that the building will be filled with hungry souls wanting to grow in their faith and affect the community with a godly culture that will fulfil the cause of Christ, to reach the nations with the gospel. Come and join us and find your place in this exciting journey of faith!


Pastor Jim Baxter
Associate Pastor

Pastor Jim grew up in south Essex with no interest in matters of faith. As an adult he came to Jesus and quickly discovered his passion. Learning about this new relationship with God and talking to anybody about it. After serving the church in roles ranging from the hospitality team to youth pastor he received the call to be a senior pastor. Under the care and supervision of Pastor Tony, Jim and his wife Ruth are transitioning into the role here at the hub church. Its an exciting time, full of fresh challenges but also full of great encouragement as we move into a new season. Pastor Jim has great faith to change culture for the cause of Christ. Bringing a broken, depressed and lost society into a life giving relationship with Jesus and developing a Kingdom mindset which can shape our town and beyond.

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