Strength in Adversity & New Beginnings

We are living in an historic moment of time. Years from now, the Prime Minister's address to the nation will be regarded as a significant moment in our fight against this invisible enemy, covid19! Countless conspiracy theories abound as to how all this started, from Chinese government to a divine judgement, but however it started, if we cling to what is good, society can choose a better way of life in the future. I don't believe God created this circumstance so that we would pull together as community or to bring about a spiritual awakening, but I do believe that God can and will use this time for these good purposes to come to the fore. We as a human race need to step away from the selfish,

Time to Sow

As Christians we know that the term Christian comes with baggage. In the minds of people is an expectation of how they believe we are, how they believe we ought to be and how the Church has behaved throughout history. Commonly, this expectation is a low one. We have an opportunity as Jesus followers in the modern era to help change the public perception of what it means to be a Christian into a view that is good, and even better, a noble one. How can we do this? First, we, as Christians, need to understand that most people don’t hold the same value set as us and no longer understand the biblical narrative or even believe in its truth and authenticity. We can argue the case for our claims (wh

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