What will Christmas be like for you?

The "home alone" film where a young boy was left on his own by accident for a few days had a happy ending but for many this winter, there will not be the same happily ever after and they may be “home alone”, feeling incredibly remote and isolated. Typically, Christmas is a season, which is marked by friends and family, and coming together can heighten feelings of bereavement, isolation and loneliness. Even if we are surrounded by friends and family it can still leave those struggling with depression, feeling empty, distressed and alone. Loneliness and isolation can have a massive impact on our quality of life, making us feel more stressed, lowering our self esteem and having a negative impac

A Gift to All

Have you noticed how the media portray Christmas? It’s always big fat turkeys with all the trimmings on a table that could sit a small nation with oodles of vegetables and crispy potatoes. Beautifully wrapped boxes containing the gifts we all want around the largest, best dressed tree we’ve ever seen. And the family! The family are always a model of perfection. Happy, well dressed stereotypes of what we should aspire to be. Truth is, so many of us cannot afford that kind of Christmas and we don’t have that kind of family. In fact I’m not sure a perfect family even exists. (If you have one please let me know). The result is we feel lonely, depressed and maybe even suicidal because we can’t li

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