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Prayer,worship and the word

What is it that you think of when you hear the intimacy?

It’s a word loaded with meaning in today’s society, but a brief dictionary definition has it described as ‘close familiarity or friendship.’

In recent weeks, as a church, we have been looking at intimacy with God. Our pastor first shared “I want to know Him because I want to make Him known” and following that, we learned that “walking with Him will make us more like Him!”

Abraham was known as a man who walked faithfully with God and was known as a friend of God.

Our friendships are extremely important to us, however, in a modern era of hyper-connectivity, it has come to pass that more people are lonelier than ever before.

The philosopher Aristotle said, “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge. They keep the young out of mischief; they comfort and aid the old in their weakness, and they incite those in the prime of life to noble deeds.”

You are the average of your 5 closest relationships: Jim Rohn

What’s the character of your most intimate friends?

Jesus shared many intimate moments with some of his best friends, but the one that I like the best is the story of him washing the disciple’s feet. You have to remember though, that this group of misfits from all sorts of backgrounds, carrying all sorts of political issues, expected Jesus to lead them in a revolution against the might of Rome. Yet He used this powerful moment as a lesson in humility and servanthood. That is the lesson most of us take away from this story, but I want to highlight how close their friendship was. Jesus was comfortable enough around them, and they too were comfortable, with sharing the Passover meal together. It is a traditional celebration from the time of Moses, to be celebrated as a family, remembering the great day when God released the Hebrews from slavery to Egypt. So, knowing that they celebrated together puts the disciples’ relationship with Jesus in a familial light.

There is a line in the scripture that tells us how John, the disciple who Jesus loved no less, was reclining on Jesus himself. If that doesn’t signify a close friendship I’m not sure what does!

So the first question is who can be intimate with God?

The answer is you!

If this randomly collected group of smelly fishermen, political zealots and hated tax collectors can be invited into an intimate relationship with Jesus, then I’m certain the invitation is open to you too.

The second question is how can you be intimate with God? Well obviously we don’t have the physical incarnation of Jesus walking on earth today, as the disciples did, but we do have His Holy spirit and a direct line to God the Father because of what Jesus did.

This leads us to our method;

Prayer – listening to Him, thinking about His words and giving Him your problems Worship – Giving of yourself to Him in reverent honour and devotion Word – Gaining insight and understanding from the scriptures

All 3 are required to have a deep lasting intimate relationship. To have a successful relationship with a spouse or friend requires communication, devotion and learning about each other and changing as a result of your learning. A relationship with God requires the same.

Do you want a better life? You may view your life as great, good or rubbish but I think one thing we all share in common is to improve what we have.

I fully believe that by trusting in God and having a close intimate friendship with your heavenly Daddy (when on the cross Jesus cried out “Abba, Father” He was using the Aramaic word Abba which means Daddy, cool huh?) you can actually live a better life. A life filled with purpose, joy and peace. A life filled with friends, family and a strong sense of community.

Essentially what I’m trying to say is;

Communication is the foundation of biblical intimacy, both with God and with His people.

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