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What have you got in your hand?

This is the question that God asks a stuttering Moses when they meet at the Burning Bush. This story shows us that God is happy to use whatever comes to hand once the character is formed.

In Moses case that took around eighty years. Forty as a prince in Egypt and forty as a shepherd in the back end of nowhere. Moses thought that he was ready to live his destiny and tried to fast forward Gods timing by taking the lead in the Nation of Israel before anyone was ready.

This had rubbish consequences and ultimately set God's deliverance plan for His people back rather than pushing it forward.

Sometimes we can be so sure of our gifts and how much we can help out God that it baffles us as to why He is waiting so long to get us on the stage.

Moses was a renowned general and extremely capable as a leader but God was not ready to use him despite his obvious gifting and suitability.

Maybe that's you today. Maybe you are waiting for the trumpet to sound and for your amazing story to begin. Perhaps God has other ideas though and wants to teach you some character lessons.

What have you got in your hand?

Don't wait until you have endless hours of free time to spend with God before starting some devotions. Give him what you have in your hand, even if it's just five minutes.

Don't wait until you have plenty of Money before you put God to the Tithe test. Give him what you have in your hand and put His promise to the test today.

Don't wait until you are the best at singing and dancing to break out in worship (or until the church is full). Give God what you have in your hand today.

Maybe today is the only chance you will ever have to engage with God.

In this mundane, normal, amazing and sometimes exhausting life where most of the time; no one but you and He will ever know what you did, there is opportunity to live a life of fulfilment by using the unique gifts and talents given to you.

What have you got in your hand?

You never know what direction God may take you in!

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