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Devoted To God

We are three weeks into our vision and new season

Last Sunday we looked at being devoted to God and I was so aware of the heart of God for sinners, that I spoke a lot on God’s actions towards sinners. His devotion to us!

The woman who entered the house of the Pharisee and spent her time there, weeping over Jesus feet, and then wiping away her tears with her hair. Then finally anointing his feet with costly perfume, shows us something very special about Jesus and God’s heart for the world.

The Pharisee depicting the religious attitude of the day, thought Jesus couldn’t be a true prophet because he didn’t know “what kind of women” she was. He thought perhaps Jesus should recoil at this dirty sinner? Or at least say something to her about her terrible life?

Everything about Jesus attitude, body language and eyes, told this women that he loved her and wouldn’t condemn her. This amazing grace, kindness and acceptance from Jesus, made the tears flow and caused her to act in devotion and love, towards this holy yet compassionate Saviour.

Paul the apostle, knew that he had been the worst sinner and devoted himself to a life of sharing the good news, despite the trouble it brought him. Even singing praises at midnight, after being cruelly beaten with rods and shackled in a prison cell.

I can only conclude that:

God’s kindness and our understanding of the great debt that he freely forgave, in each one of us, is the great motivating factor for being Devoted To God.

And knowing this about ourselves, means we can show the same kindness and forgiveness to those who come into our lives.

My prayer is, that the grace we show to others as a church will turn people towards our great Saviour and cause a few tears of gratefulness to flow!

Pastor Tony Hickman

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