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We have started our new series on happiness!

Don’t miss next Sunday 29th May as we start the first step that leads to lasting happiness.

Have you ever heard any of the following?

If I can just find the right person and get married, then I will be happy…

If I could get that new house or new car or new boat or new job…

If I could just get pregnant and have a baby…

If I could have another baby…

If I could quit my job and stay home with my kids…

If we could move closer to family and have help…

If I could lose 15 pounds…

If I could travel more…

If we could afford to retire…

There are many things that bring happiness and in themselves they are not necessarily bad. They only become unhelpful when we put our reliance on these things, to keep us happy. We forget that they are temporal.

New pleasures wear off after a while and then we are looking for the next thing to make us happy!

When we feel good, we are more likely to do good, so happiness is an important part of our lives.

The foundation of happiness that lasts needs to be based on God’s view of happiness and not our own selfish happiness. After all, He created and designed us and knows what is best.

The following psalm holds a very important message for those who want to know lasting happiness;

119 Happy are those whose way is without blame, who walk in the way of the Lord. 2 Happy are those who keep to His path and look for Him with all their heart. 3 They also do not sin, but walk in His ways. 4 You have set down your word that we should always obey. 5 O, that my ways may be always in keeping with Your Law! 6 Then I will not be put to shame when I respect Your Word.

Have a happy week!

Pastor Tony Hickman

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