Dear Church,

We are finally meeting again face to face! (1m apart!) Things are going to be quite different on our return to church. So we thought we would update you on what to expect.

Please read this very, very carefully, otherwise there may be some unwanted surprises as you turn up!

Booking your place

In order to attend church, we are asking everyone to book their place. We need to be able to maintain a good distance and to make sure our building is well spaced out. If we end up over capacity, then we will consider a second service.  We will not be able to let you into the building unless you book your place. There will be plenty of warning and opportunity to do this over the week from Monday-Saturday. Final date and time for this is 12pm (Lunchtime) Saturday. If it is after this, we cannot guarantee a place.  This will also enable the children’s workers to prepare.

Booking can be done via our Facebook group (there will be a weekly post), or our website for those who are new friends or first-time visitors.  

Arriving at church

  • Staff on the day can access the building from 8.30am. (Please leave kids with your spouse, so they can come later, where possible) .

  • The front door will be locked until doors open at 10.15, as we can’t have any unnecessary movement around the building.

  • There will be queuing markers outside, please respect the 2m distance as you wait to come into the building. We will call you in, one household at a time.

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival with a forehead scanner and then you can either wash your hands and use the toilet or use the hand sanitiser.  Face coverings are optional, (and can be provided on the door) as we will be safely distanced.

  • You will be shown to child check in (If applicable) and then to your allocated seating. Once you are seated, we will ask you to remain there until the end of the service. Toilets are restricted to the men’s and disabled found at the front of the building. Baby change is also available for one family at a time.




Kids Ministry

Our wonderful Kids team have agreed to provide the service of kid’s ministry. Thankyou Kids workers!

Because of distancing issues and hygiene, we are currently not providing the creche room as a parent and baby room. Parents can use the empty room for baby change and breastfeeding, one family at a time. There will be no toys available.

Toddlers and babies will need to remain seated with their parents. Please bring your own quiet entertainment. Books etc. If toddlers get restless, we will ask you to take them outside of the building, as it will breach the distancing policy.

Ages 3-6 Sparks- Will need to be checked in. Then walked around the marked lines to the door by the left of the stage. There will be no refreshments provided at this time, so please make sure they are well hydrated and fed beforehand. Any children who don’t want to attend the kids ministry, need to notify us at booking, so we can provide chairs. They will need to remain with the parents the whole duration of the service.  Please bring quiet entertainment if this is the case.

Ages 6-11 Powerhouse and Element

We are prioritising Powerhouse school year 2-4 as a group, but if we have room, we can fit in the year 5-6 age group. Youth (Year 7+) will be expected to sit with the adults and remain for the duration of the service.

Each child will have a registered sticker, please don’t remove them (stick on the back if needs) and keep hold of your parental copy. This number may flash up on screen during the service, in case you need to collect your child, for toileting or other reasons. If your child is not able to follow the distancing measures, you may have to collect them.

We are not allowing parents in with the kid’s ministry currently, unless they are on rota. This is to maximise the space for distancing in the back rooms.

During the service

The service will look a little different to begin with. Beginning at 10.30 and ending at 11.45.

We are currently restricted to the band singing. As a result, we will have a time of ministry where the band will play a song for contemplative worship.

There will be the usual message time and notices. No communion will be served at this time.

We will be asking people to remain seated for the whole service. Parents with toddlers and babies will be seated at the back so they can access baby change. But other than that, we need people to minimise movement around the building. Do use the toilet beforehand. Restless children will need to be taken outside.

Once the service is over, there will be a short time of ‘seated’ social opportunity. 





Leaving the service

In order to ease congestion, we will be asking people, household, by household to leave at 12pm. You will collect children via the alleyway to the right-hand of the outside of the building. Please wait on the markers if needed. So please remain seated until an usher calls you.

Building cleaning

As the service is ended, the team will be cleaning the building. 

So that is it for now! Hopefully, this is for a short time only. But let’s rejoice in what we can do in this season! We are longing to see you all very soon!


Pastors Tony and Sue, Jim and Ruth